Dr. Ludy Green has expanded into the world of millennials executive and career coaching.  From providing career development resources to identifying life goals and ambitions, her work to engage with younger generations and their transition to the workplace provides tailored guidance to ensure developments in personal and/or professional spheres. Dr. Ludy Green is personally invested in coaching and providing an extensive support system to help realize the potential of our future leaders.

Here are the general steps of counseling I provide the young adults I coach that ensure a personalized approach with an outcome of positive results:

  1. Identify the current stage of development and what do they need to do to get to their ultimate goal or ambition
  2. Help find their voice through discovering intrinsic leadership abilities
  3. Help diversify career sets
  4. Entrust them with resources on a regular basis for their development and career success
  5. Educate in the art of networking and how to create their own database tool of resources
  6. Provide guidance in identifying internships in one or two careers of preference
  7. Teach them about the importance of healthy living through respecting one’s mind and body
  8. Provide tools and techniques for them to use positive thinking with the purpose to achieve their goals

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