Dr. Ludy Green is a certified executive/life coach who has extensive experience in career and leadership coaching. Dr. Green has guided countless individuals, especially women facing life challenges, career changes, or stay-at-home mothers returning to the workforce, toward lasting success. Dr. Green is personally invested in coaching and providing an extensive support system to help every client realize their true potential.

Coaching Services

Career Advising

Dr. Green’s connections and experience have led clients to key positions in diverse fields including: government work, human rights, consulting firms, and private industries.

Leadership Training

Dr. Green provides skill-based leadership training to improve essential workplace qualities: assertiveness, confidence, professionalism, and communication.

Women’s Empowerment

As a prominent female leader in her field, Dr. Green can share invaluable advice and provide needed guidance to women.

Life Coaching

Dr. Green uses her own tools and techniques to guide women through challenging times and overcome obstacles in their lives.

Dr. Green’s Approach

  1. Identify the client’s current stage of development and steps they must take to achieve their ultimate goal
  2. Help client to find their voice through discovering intrinsic leadership abilities (using tools including MBTI, CPI-260, etc.)
  3. Analyze and diversify career sets and opportunities
  4. Educate client in the art of networking and creating their own database of resources
  5. Provide tools and techniques for client to use positive thinking with the purpose to achieve their goals


“I want to thank [Dr. Green] giving me the confidence and skills to go for roles I thought were outside of my experience and capability.”


“Dr. Green supported me after I was continually challenged by doors shutting. She embraced my insecurities…and reminded me how fortunate I am to have a passion that I can translate into a career…Being resilient is not something everyone can teach, but she did that for me.”


“The big thing is [Dr. Green’s] relationships and who she knows. She’s genuine and very supportive of women…I’m thankful for her mentorship.”