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Dr. Ludy Green is an expert on U.S. domestic violence and human trafficking issues, as well as an internationally acclaimed speaker. Drawing on her 18 years of experience in the human resources field, Ludy Green founded Second Chance Employment Services to help women at risk find stable employment, assisting them in achieving financial independence.



What people are saying about Dr. Green...

Dole Institute for Politics, Kansas

Dr. Ludy Green has such a powerful story that is shaped by her own life experiences. Her background in human resource management has lead to the successful establishment of the only employment agency for victims of domestic abuse, and aptly prepared her to successfully lobby the US Congress to pass national legislation protecting the rights of domestic violence victims and their dependents.

Partnership Against Domestic Violence, Atlanta, GA

Dr. Ludy Green’s keynote presentation was the highpoint for our conference. Her own story of growing up in domestic violence, breaking free, starting Second Chance Employment Services, and successfully lobbying the US Congress to pass a key provision of the Violence Against Women (VAWA) captivated the audience from start to finish!

Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Dr. Green’s keynote speech was the highlight of our conference, cogently presenting the global stain of domestic violence on our communities and our mission to combat it. She moved our audience in sharing her own story of growing up in domestic violence, establishing the first employment agency in the U.S. for victims, and the power of integrated partnerships to permanently free victims from abuse.

“By telling the stories of real women in real situations, Dr. Ludy Green not only isolates the
reasons why domestic violence victims choose to stay in abusive relationships, but
shows innovative ways in which they can move forward.”
-Arianna Huffington
The Huffington Post Media Group

“Dr. Green’s book speaks to the millions of families whose lives are affected by domestic
abuse, as well as those in social services, academia, government, business and non-profit
organizations interested in helping abused women regain their lives. A must read!”
-Senator Bob Dole

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